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Good governance is a core principle upon which CAD operates. To achieve this, the organization has developed a number of documents to guide staff:

  • Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Finance Manual
  • Strategic Plan

CAD produces an Annual Report which is issued in the first quarter of each year.

CAD wishes to obtain CCC accreditation and is carrying out an ongoing self-assessment to determine our level of preparedness.

Child Protection

The well-being of children is the highest priority of CAD and all permanent, casual and volunteer staff are required to read and sign the Child Protection Policy when they start work with the organization. A Project Assistant has been appointed as the Child Protection Officer and has attended training with GDG network in Phnom Penh. It is the job of the CPO to speak to School Directors (SD) and School Support Committee (SSC) members, recommending how to improve safety at schools – for example, putting bars on windows, repairing ceilings/roofs, put concrete around hand-washing stations, cleaning playgrounds. He also asks SD, SSC and teachers if they know of any children at risk. Any reports of abuse are dealt with by the CPO in consultation with the Executive Director.

Gender Mainstreaming

A big focus of CAD is to provide equal opportunity for women and girls. For examples of our success in this area, see the latest CAD Annual Report

Government and Local Partners

CAD’s Strategic Plan demands a strong relationship with local partners. To achieve this, CAD staff use their local knowledge to build networks with community and local government, especially Village Chiefs, Commune Councils and School Directors.
CAD has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Education and the CAD Strategic Plan is directly aligned to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) Strategic Plan 2014 -18. Since the start of the School for Excellence program, District Office of Education (DOE) staff have been conducting joint monitoring visits to schools with CAD every six months. DOE complete forms provided by the SfE project to evaluate the performance of each school.
CAD networks with other NGOs and is a member of the Cambodian NGOs networking group, NEP.